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“Micah Lasher will bring not only a wealth of policy expertise to the State Assembly, he brings valuable experience serving the West Side and solving constituent problems — work he began years ago as a community representative in my office. By every measure, I’m confident Micah will make an exceptional Assemblymember for the West Side, Morningside Heights and Manhattan Valley — and for all New Yorkers.”

— Congressmember Jerry Nadler


Jerry Nadler

“One of the reasons I’m most excited to support Micah Lasher for Assembly is that I know from day one he’ll be pushing smart, new ideas to address Manhattan’s most pressing problems — from affordable housing to environmental sustainability to the challenges of mental health and public safety. The West Side, Morningside Heights and Manhattan Valley will be lucky to have his voice — and experience — in Albany.”
— Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine

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Borough President

Mark Levine

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“Micah Lasher is no newcomer to the cause of social justice that has long been the heart of the Democratic Party. And he’s someone with a deep history of civic involvement in the community he now hopes to represent. I’m proud to endorse Micah Lasher for Assembly. He’s the kind of strong, new
voice we need in Albany.”

— Congressmember Adriano Espaillat


Adriano Espaillat

“As a public school parent and staunch advocate for educational equity, Micah Lasher will be my partner in Albany fighting to ensure our schools receive the resources they need, so that all of our children can succeed. He is a friend and a person of integrity, and I look forward to calling him a colleague.”

— Senator Robert Jackson

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Robert Jackson


Linda Rosenthal

“Micah Lasher has been deeply involved in one of the most important policy challenges we face: addressing New York State's housing crisis. As the Assembly Housing Chair, I’m excited to have an experienced and dedicated ally join me in that fight. I look forward to working alongside him to expand the State's affordable housing stock, protect tenants and homeowners from eviction and foreclosure, as well as invest in homeownership opportunities for all New Yorkers."

 — Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal

“Whether it’s protecting abortion rights, building affordable housing, advancing gun safety, or lifting wages for struggling workers, Micah Lasher will do more than be a strong progressive voice on these important issues. He’ll make a difference — and he already has. Micah is a good friend who will make a great Assemblymember for the West Side, Morningside Heights and Manhattan Valley.”
— State Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal

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State Senator

Brad Hoylman-Sigal

“Micah Lasher is someone I’ve worked with for years on issues affecting the West Side. He knows how government works and he gets things done. Our neighborhoods face unique challenges, but I know Micah will be ready on day one to tackle them.”

 — Councilmember Gale Brewer


Gale Brewer

"Micah Lasher is a dedicated public servant, with years of experience serving his community and making government actually work better for people. Thoughtful, progressive, and unafraid to stand up for what’s right, I know he’ll make a real difference in Albany. I'm proud to endorse him for State Assembly."

 — NYC Comptroller Brad Lander

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NYC Comptroller

Brad Lander

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“So much of the work we do on the City Council requires support and partnership in Albany. I’m excited to endorse Micah Lasher for Assembly because he’ll be a great partner on the causes that drive me and Democrats from the West Side, Morningside Heights and Manhattan Valley — from creating truly affordable housing to expanding access to afterschool programs to leading on environmental sustainability. I’m all in!”
— Councilmember Shaun Abreu


Shaun Abreu

"The West Side and Morningside Heights have a long history of sending strong, progressive reformers to Albany. Micah Lasher follows in that tradition — but with a range and depth of experience that is virtually unheard of for a new legislator. I couldn't be prouder to endorse him for the State Assembly."
—Scott Stringer, former City Comptroller

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Fmr. NYC Comptroller

Scott Stringer

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“Micah Lasher has years of West Side community involvement and vast experience in and with State government, finding solutions on critical issues. He has something else that matters just as much: the will and the energy to take on powerful interests in Albany on behalf of everyday New Yorkers and those who weren’t born with all of life’s advantages. I’m proud to endorse him for Assembly.”
—Ruth Messinger, former Manhattan Borough President

Fmr. Borough President

Ruth Messinger


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