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Reproductive Rights


State legislatures are now the key battlegrounds for abortion rights in America. And that’s true even in states like New York where newly passed laws are protecting providers and out-of-state patients who’ve come here to
exercise their right to choose. My involvement here goes back twenty years when I helped NARAL in campaigns to defeat anti-choice State Senators in New York. It continued while I was chief of staff in the Attorney General’s

office, helping draft the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act. And most recently, as Governor Hochul’s Director of Policy, I worked to expand  Medicaid coverage for abortion, ensure that New York providers can legally prescribe abortion pills, and develop a comprehensive plan to improve maternal and infant health. There’s still more to do — there will always
be more we can do — and you can see part of my forward-looking agenda here.

Ideas to move the agenda forward:

• Increase Medicaid reimbursement rates for medication abortions, which now make up the majority of abortion care provided in NY
• Create the Reproductive Freedom and Equity Program to support the operational and programmatic needs of abortion providers and abortion funds
• Give patients tools to determine what kind of care a hospital provides prior to admission
• Enact reforms and make investments to combat the crisis of maternal mortality, which disproportionately affects Black women

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“At a time when our health, rights, and freedoms are being relentlessly attacked around the country, we need state leaders who will advance bold policies and actions to further protect and expand access to comprehensive reproductive and sexual health care. Micah Lasher has a proven track record fighting for abortion rights and reproductive health care, and we know he will be a leader at this critical moment in the legislature.”

Robin Chappelle Golston, chair of PPESV

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