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Supporting Childcare and Public Education

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What Micah’s Done

As Director of State Legislative Affairs for the City of New York, Micah helped fight for New York City’s fair share of education funding. A decade later, as Director of Policy for Governor Hochul, he helped enact the first budget to fulfill the State’s promise under the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit and fully fund educational foundation aid. He also worked in the Attorney General’s office to make it easier for the children of undocumented immigrants to enroll in school, and at the New York City Department of Education to help create two new schools on the West Side: Frank McCourt High School and P.S. 452. Micah also helped make tuition assistance available to part-time students at CUNY and SUNY, supported increased investment in CUNY and SUNY faculty, and created the first-ever endowment matching fund for SUNY university centers. Most recently, he helped develop a plan to transform and improve the way reading is taught in schools statewide.


What Micah Will Do

As a public school parent of three, Micah will fight to ensure our schools get the resources and support they need:

• Improve child care affordability by establishing a “tri-share” childcare program where employers and the State share in childcare costs, lowering tuition for families

• Protect and expand public pre-K and 3-K programs in our community and citywide

• Ensure an effective transition to new, proven methods of reading instruction by expanding training and coaching for teachers

• Support pathways to school leadership certification and appointment for outstanding teachers

• Provide more school-based mental health services, guidance counselors, and teaching assistants in local schools

• Make much-needed investments in CUNY and SUNY, with a particular focus on workforce development and part-time programs

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“As a public school parent and staunch advocate for educational equity, Micah Lasher will be my partner in Albany fighting to ensure our schools receive the resources they need, so that all of our children can succeed. He is a friend and a person of integrity, and I look forward to calling him a colleague.”
—Robert Jackson, State Senator

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“Every school depends on the active involvement of its parents. I’ve worked side-by-side with
Micah and seen how much he cares
about making our elementary school everything it should
be for our kids. We couldn’t ask for a stronger voice for education in the State Assembly.”
—Marguerite McNicoll, PTA Co-President, P.S. 166

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